“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  – Confucius

Paul Marchildon, entrepreneur, marketing executive, and lifelong leisure enthusiast has made it his mission to stop working, to discard the traditional rigid, restrictive, and productivity-crushing work ethic and make some real progress. Companies do business in a complex, competitive world; why should employees be encouraged to take the time to “indulge” in leisure? As Paul shows audiences with his innovative and entertaining presentations, leisure is the foundation for engaged, productive, effective – and happy – workplaces.

Do what you love. Find and live your passion. Focus on your strengths. We’ve heard it all before from countless “motivational” speakers. Just because you say something loud and often doesn’t mean people will listen. Paul doesn’t have to rely on volume; his message resonates with audiences because he lives it, and because he can show employees, managers, and executives how to embrace a culture of “leisure” and redefine the very concept of “work.”

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As part of a speaking engagement Paul includes pre and post measurement to verify the positive impact of the event. He employs a variety of action learning activities that encourage participant involvement and create accountability. He blends his deep knowledge of leisureology and business with a variety of innovative, fun techniques, including multimedia, role-playing, music, and a few other tricks he keeps up his sleeve. A storyteller by nature and nurture, Paul shares his message using analogies and real-life examples with which audiences immediately connect.

Employees will be able to identify character strengths and discover how to use them to their advantage; they will be able to accept that their work is often leisure and they do what they do because they love it. Leaders will be able to recognize the resulting productivity of incorporating a leisure ethic in their employees’ everyday activities. Companies will be able to cultivate effective brand ambassadors, increase employee engagement and motivation, build strengths rather than correct weaknesses, and create a culture of passion instead of obligation.

Just as he thinks outside the usual definitions of work and leisure, Paul’s customized presentations break the boundaries of traditional corporate talks, inviting participants to engage in creative play and discover the power of leisure.

Paul Marchildon’s Keynote Topics

Leisureology: Create a new dynamic in the workplace by developing a “leisure ethic”. The North American work ethic is too outdated; we don’t focus enough on doing things we enjoy. Satisfaction of a job well done is not half as sweet as when you enjoyed the task from start to finish. Why invite someone to tell your employees they ought to play more? Because it works! Discover who your employees are and what aspects of their role they find most exciting. Utilize your findings to transform the culture of your workplace by implementing a leisure ethic. Increases in productivity, engagement, and satisfaction are quantifiable.

This Is Leisureology: A Manual

Leisureology: A Guide to a New, Better Work Ethic

You need to increase profits, but your employees can’t do more with less, work harder, or confine their lives to 9-5. And you can’t afford to make them. What’s the solution? Work/life integration! It’s the only way to engage employees – and make a measurable impact on the bottom line.

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Employee Motivation: Get the most bang for the company buck in terms of employee and channel engagement. How can you better invest your incentive budget? How can you create the biggest impact on your most valuable people? How can you move the needle? What can you do to ensure motivation is an ongoing process? With an impressive track record in incentive travel and programs, Paul helps businesses reward and recognize their employees in a way that is relevant, creative, and aligned with business objectives. Paul will maximize the ROI of any speaking engagement by providing a comprehensive employee package and training program that extends it’s value far beyond a keynote address.

Meeting Design Effectiveness: Meetings don’t have to be the bane of corporate existence – Paul can help organizers and facilitators structure meetings that are relevant, informative, and even fun. By ensuring the right people run the meeting, the right people are included, the right agenda is followed, and the right tools for creative discovery are used. Increase team performance, improve time management, and learn how to inspire active listening through Paul’s interactive strategies. Ensure your objectives are met and that attendees will remember and implement the key lessons when they return to the workplace. A clear-cut brief, thoughtful layout, and realistic schedule can be the difference between money well spent, or wasted.