Leisureology: A Guide to a New, Better, Work Ethic

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Leisureology is the study of how leisure can be incorporated into everything we do in order to enhance every experience. In this book we will explore how to use Leisureology specifically to enhance Employee Engagement and thereby increase corporate productivity and profitability. This is your guide to a new, better, work ethic.

This three part eBook includes:

  • An introduction to the theory behind Leisureology as told through author, Paul Marchildon's, own experiences in today's demanding corporate marketplace
  • Articles with tips and advice to integrate leisure into your business
  • Action learning challenges to get you living (and working) the leisureology mindset
  • A list of the 11 key takeaways you need to remember to get leisure working for you

Product Description

All work and no play makes… no sense.

Today’s organizations face an increasingly complex marketplace, continuously changing consumer needs, and the most dynamic, generationally diverse workforce in history. The struggle to keep up, to innovate, to exceed… is fierce and relentless.

The mandate for most employees: Work harder. Work more. Work 24/7/52. Which they’ve heeded: they have worked harder, more, longer. But that’s not sustainable.

Before the burnout sets in, introduce leisureology into your workplace.

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