Workshop Leader/Trainer

Paul Marchildon brings his trademark enthusiasm and creativity to workshops on Leisureology, Employee Engagement, and Meeting Effectiveness. Each workshop begins with an overview of Leisureology and an exploration of how incorporating leisure into the workplace can benefit employees, leaders, and companies as a whole.

The North American work ethic is ingrained in us from an early age: we must work hard to get what we want. Leisure is for the lazy. It is for those who are not driven or ambitious. Lesiureology asks us to reframe the stigmas associated with leisure: leisure is not for the lazy it is for the productive, for the balanced, for the satisfied, and for the successful. When we redefine “work” and “leisure,” we can become more effective, productive, and engaged.

Participants receive hands-on training on key concepts such as Character Strengths, Social Styles, and Flow Experiences. They discover their own strengths and how to leverage them to achieve greater efficiency and satisfaction. They learn to appreciate their job, or the aspects of their job that appeal to their strengths, and develop a true passion for the work they do. Most importantly, they realize that leisure doesn’t have to wait until the weekend. Not only can it be an integral part of their workday, it should be!

Using Leisureology as a foundation, Paul’s workshops or “leisureshops” on Employee Engagement and Meeting Effectiveness help leaders tap into their employees’ passions and strengths, increasing productivity and fulfillment. Whether companies are interested in incorporating a “leisure ethic” into their culture, equipping leaders with the tools to support leisure in the workplace, and/or organizing more effective meetings and pitches based on principles of positive psychology and Leisureology, Paul Marchildon’s customized workshops will allow them to accomplish these goals and see positive, lasting change.

Meeting Effectiveness

Meetings and Mondays…we love to hate them, or we just hate them. But the dreaded, time-consuming meeting can be an effective and powerful tool for businesses. With over 25 years of experience in the marketing world, Paul Marchildon has sat and slept through his share of fruitless sessions and has been re-energized by the occasional productive ones. He has figured out the difference and can help meeting organizers wake their participants up, get them involved, and ensure business objectives are the focus.

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Paul works closely with company executives to help define in advance what the experience of the audience should encompass. A skill that propelled him to prominence in the marketing field was his ability to “take a better brief,” and this is evident: he interviews all of the key stakeholders to identify, clarify, and prioritize the key messages to be delivered in the meeting, as well as determine who the audience will be. Whether an internal employee meeting or an external pitch to a prospective client, recognizing objectives and audience needs is paramount.

Presentation is everything; Paul suggests and/or helps develop an overall creative theme and platform so key messages can be communicated with impact and effect. Key stakeholders will have the support they need to align their messages with the theme in a creative, effective way. Each meeting, presentation, and pitch will be fully customized to support these messages and to meet the needs of organizers and audiences alike. When effectively designed, meetings can be a great way to reward and recognize employees, drive strategic initiatives, create team coherence, hit the mark with sales pitches, engage clients and prospects…the list goes on and on and on. Luckily, after a session with Paul, your meetings will not.

Keynote Speaker

How do we do more? More with less money, more with less time, more with more responsibilities and complexities? These are questions every company asks itself – and the answers can be surprising. With his innovative and engaging keynote addresses, as a marketing communications veteran and Leisureology expert Paul Marchildon invites audiences to redefine the concepts of “work” and “leisure” so they can do more, accomplish more, and enjoy more. Paul is a sought-after speaker in the areas of: Paul is able to fully engage his audience and convey his message in a clear, articulate, and entertaining way, ensuring your next conference or event is a success – and more importantly, that your leaders and employees are able to engage in meaningful leisure at work.

This Is Leisureology: A Manual

Leisureology: A Guide to a New, Better Work Ethic

You need to increase profits, but your employees can’t do more with less, work harder, or confine their lives to 9-5. And you can’t afford to make them. What’s the solution? Work/life integration! It’s the only way to engage employees – and make a measurable impact on the bottom line.

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